I always find beauty in things that are odd & imperfect, they are much more interesting. -Marc Jacobs

I remember when I showed my mom this picture and she responded: why would you want to take a picture in such a broken down place? I responded saying, I think it's amazing! Look at that door and the brick and how the plants are growing out of the brick. She smiled and shaked her head stating you look great in the picture. 

I told you that story to say: Not everyone will see your vision; not everyone will understand the path your taking; not everyone will love what you love. In that moment she supported me by saying "you look great" it didn't matter if she thought the whole picture looked great!

Now lets talk about this look, I am completely obsessed with leopard print and stripes is my 2nd luv and them both together can we say love at first sight!
I am a big fan of mixxing patterns and prints.  The contrast on this look came out perfect!

I hope you enjoyed the mix of the khaki, leopard and stripes. 

Checkout fellow blogger Modern Day Confidence at http://moderndayconfidence.com/blog/moderndayconfidence.com/perfect-stripy-location

Style tip:
Don't be afraid of your vision; don't worry about who will and who won't like it! The right people will. -Telisha "thefashionabletraveler"

Dress and Clutch- Old Navy
Coat and Sunglasses - dds discounts
Pumps - Catos

My advice: Don't take fashion so seriously that you stress out about it. When you stress out about it, you take the fun out of it. Have fun. ~ Telisha Renee'

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