Can you believe how fast time is going by? It seemed to have just been New Years Eve and now its the last weekend of January. If you're anything like me, you've been planning trips for 2017 since the beginning of 2016. I always have going on vacation in my mind. 
Let's talk about the Style & TRAVEL GIRL Kit. Do you see how cute this Style and Travel Passport Wallet is? It's the perfect shade of pink. This is one of the newly upgraded, soft pink, passport covers. It can be used as a wallet and is great for travel. There is a place to hold your passport, money, license, business cards and baggage claim ticket. Everything fits perfectly into your bag for easy travel. This is so perfect for the fashionable traveler who is looking to always travel in style.
I was beyond excited about this collaboration, simply because I know my followers are all about being stylish when they are on the go.  Not only did they come up with the best colors for the passport covers, they have your privacy in mind when creating them. Identity theft has become more high tech and people can electronically steal your credit card and passport info. These gorgeous passport holders have the RFID feature which blocks electronic pickpocketing. The RFID passports comes in three colors soft pink, pinky pink and yellow. Keep an eye out for new colors with this feature, they will be coming soon.

I love the concept of the Travelpreneur Affirmation Cards. They are designed to help you manifest your dream vacation, destination and adventures. There's an area to paste pictures of your dream destination as well as an affirmation created by Ariana Pierce, that she has used over the years to manifest many dream trips of her own. Reading the affirmation has me visualizing myself in some of my dream trips.

 This beautiful journal will let you pen your travel memories in style. It's also full of information to help you get ready for your trip. 

I am looking forward to traveling and journaling in style!
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This post is sponsored by Style & TRAVEL GIRL. All opinions are my own.

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