Is it me or does Spring not want to make it's mind up? First its cool, then hot, then cool, then warm, then cool again!!! The beginning of Spring is so unpredictable. So I say layer it up. 

 Visually, I love to see color pop. Adding a layer adds flexibility during the day due to the ever changing weather. I also believe in remixing your closet items to give them a different purpose. This animal print layer is originally a button up shirt dress.

Style Tip: Shop your own closet when transitioning into a new Season. Be creative and remix old items and add something new. 


Animal Print Layer: Fashion to Figure
Pink Tank Top Shirt: Torrid
Jean Jeggings: Fashion to Figure
Backpack Bag: Old Navy
Pumps: Payless

My advice: Don't take fashion so seriously that you stress out about it. When you stress out about it, you take the fun out of it. Have fun. ~ Telisha Renee'

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