Like a wildflower, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people never thought you would. -E.V

It is no surprise this top caught my eye. It has the top 3 on my list for Summer clothing. 

1. Bold or Vibrant color ✔
2. Cold or off the shoulder ✔
3. Loose fit ✔

Bold and vibrant are a win, it's Summer time! This year I am seeing more and more fun floral prints. I love the cut of this top and the cold shoulder. If it's not cold shoulder or off the shoulder I don't think I want it. After all with constant 90 degree weather and humidity, the last thing you want is being all covered up or in super tight fitting material.

I paired this top with a dark boyfriend jean, flats and a super cute clutch I found thrifting one day. I think it may be vintage. You cant tell in this pic but it has Swans on it. Just oh so cute. It was perfect for a Saturday lunch and shopping day.

I'm just wild about flowers. I can't get enough of florals right now. Flowers make me smile, so wearing them gives me a little extra pep in my step. The price of this look is another reason to grin. The top, jeans and clutch total is less than 25.00. Now tell me that doesn't make you smile. 


Top, Jeans & sunglasses: dd's discount
Clutch: goodwill

Thanks for reading. Stay cool & fashionable!