Hey popping in to chat about this icy cold shoulder sweater. I love the embellishments, the jewels around the cutouts is amazing. The feel of the sweater is also great. I received so many compliments on Sunday and I'm not surprised. Im noticing the International Concepts line at Macys has everything for those glammed up days.

Sunday was one of those days that I had a lot to do. So I was looking for something to put on that can carry me throughout the day and into the early evening. And this sweater was definitely a good choice to put on. I paired it with my black denim jeans that I am going to be killing this winter. Along with my new suede black pumps. During the day I carried around my that I recently got and then had my clutch in the inside so I would be able to just pull that out when I was heading out for drinks when I was done with my errands.

So a bit of a Funny Story for you. My first stop during the day was at Barnes & Noble. I went in looking for what I call a smut book. I have a friend who likes to read those racy romance novels so I figured I'd get her one for Christmas. I actually know I'm going to give it to her before then because I'm going to see her and I just can't keep it a secret.

So, I walk in and I asked for help finding the section. It was really too many for me to decide from. I told the worker I really wish that they had them sectioned off and labeled like soft medium or hard LOL. I made her blush and also the person at the register oh and I bought a themed book mark to match, smh. I enjoyed that visit and Im sure the workers enjoyed the giggles. 

Well by the end of the day I was all tapped out. And headed over to Bonefish Grill to meet up with one of my friends to get a couple of drinks and chat it up before The Weeknd finally got away from us. I hope you guys are having lots of fun this holiday season. Im trying too. Until next let loose and laugh alot!

❌⭕❌⭕💋 -Telisha

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