This looks definitely is in the yummy category. It’s definitely sweater weather now that fall has fully kicked in. So I’ve been looking for lots of sweaters but wanting some that were a bit funky or had a little edge to them. What I love so much about this Pink Clove sweater is the sleeves and the Cowl neck. Well let’s not forget about this fab cinnamon color. It’s one of my favorite colors of Autumn. It’s also so soft and comfy. I’ve already had it on two more times since I received it and it hasn’t even been two weeks yet. The sweater is truly a great Fall find. 

Let us talk about this chocolate Babette Midi Pvc Skirt. It fits great glides on like butter. But I love the link the color is phenomenal. It is such a sexy skirt. I’m not one to see whether or not I’m looking like a snack all right now you can’t take a little girl she ain’t dessert.  I’m thinking a yummy if he’s the parking or been amazing latte.  With a name like cinnamon and chocolate you can’t go wrong with this yummy look. 

Make sure you head over and check out PINK CLOVE

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Have a Happy Holiday Everyone!
 XOXX -Telisha

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