Hey, thanks for popping in! I have to tell y’all about the Success Conference Tour I attended in Atlanta. This was my first time attending this event. I heard about the Success Conference  a few years ago and was super excited that the dates aligned for me to be able to attend one of the tour dates. This Atlanta just happen to be the final stop and from what I heard the best stop. The energy was high and the guest were beyond excited including me and my bestie! It's great to be able to share new experiences with your friends.

When I tell you these ladies brought their “A” game for us it would be an understatement. When Stacia and Ariana walked in you felt the shift. What shift you may ask? It was the Abundance shift. It was an overwhelming feeling that change was here so align yourself with it. It’s hard to explain the presence that Stacia gives off her vibration is unlike any I’ve ever encountered before. I can tell you I walked away know anything and everything is possible and I need do the work needed so I can start Manifesting  Abundance. So many jewels were dropped I can’t name them all. The top five that stuck with me from that day was: 

1. Journaling is the key to manifesting

2. Get rid of the mess 

3. Meditate 

4. Say yes and figure out the rest 

5. Connect, Connect and Connect 

Speaking of connecting, I originally connected wit Ariana on Instagram. Which lead me to her moms page and that lead me to attending the Success conference and meeting these phenomenal women face to face and being able to connect with them in real life. Whenever you get a chance go follow Stacia @staciapierce and follow Ariana @aritheheiress on Instagram. These ladies motivate, inspire and support and we all need that on a regular basis. Thanks for reading. Wishing you nothing but greatness.

Outfit details

Striped 2piece: JC Penny (A.N.A)
Bag: Henri Bendel 
Bracelet Set: Kinsley Armelle
Sunglasses: Diff Eyewear
Shoes/Wedges Payless Shoes

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