Sip it: featuring Rose' Vodka

 Hey Sippers! So glad to see you and share some easy quick and fun sips for at home. I’m all about experiencing new things and doing it in a budget friendly way. The goal of this series is to use one bottle of liquor and create cocktails for the week.  With all that being said, I really miss going out and being able to order my favorite sips from my favorite restaurants and bars and I know you do to. Here are some simple but flavor filled cocktails to create at home. If you have a shaker,  great if not....don’t worry use a jar or dare I say a water bottle. Use whatever you have. You don’t have to have all the fancy tools to create these at home sips. I'm not a mixologist or a bartender however, I'm a creative and love to create in all areas of my life. So, I had to get crafty and create these tasty sips I'm glad to share it with you. Make sure you're following along over on instagram @SIPBITEANDTASTEIT

The new taste is Svedka Rose’ Vodka. Here’s why I love it: 

1. It’s smooth enough to drink on the rocks straight. 

2. It has just enough of a Rose’ taste to add a different flavor profile to a basic cocktail and make it what I like to call sipply good, you see what I did there “Sipply” good. 

3. It was 14.00 for this bottle and you definitely can get your Happy Hour sip on for 5 to 7 days. 

 Below is what I used to craft these Rose' themed sips.

 Rose' Lemon Drop Martini

Rose Vodka
Lemon Juice
Simple Syrup
Triple Sec
  Sugar the rim of glass
*Put Ice In Shaker * Shake It*Grab Glass* Pour it*
Lemon wheel to garnish

Blueberry Rose' Lemonade

 Rose Vodka
Blueberry Lemonade (MinuteMaid)
*Combine in Shaker* Shake It* Pour in Glass*
Blueberries for Garnish

Rose' All Day Spritzer

1/3  Rose' Vodka
2/3 Rose Sparkling Wine
Rosemary & Blackberries to garnish
*note Rosemary will change the flavor profile of this 
sip once its added, I like rosemary so it was a
 great element to add for myself.

A Berry Rose' Cocktail

Rose' Vodka
Cherry Berry Blast Twister 
*Combine* Shake It* Pour over Ice
Lime Wheel for Garnish

I tend to eyeball it when I'm crafting cocktails, which works for me cause I like a strong sip. I do use a measuring glass if I'm tackling a complicated recipe. This Vodka is blended with Rose Wine. It has 30% ALC BY VOL (60 PROOF) I would reccomend no more than 1.5fl oz per cocktail. 

Please share in the comments if you have a great cocktail I could craft. I'd love to hear from you. Please be safe and responsible when drinking. 

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