It’s a vibe! Vacation Vibes to be exact. I wanted to feel like I was away on vacay. Dark woods, tropical prints and pops of color. 

During these crazy times it's so important to create spaces that inspire and invoke positivity. You know the saying "Good Vibes Only". If you have pieces you no longer love, let them go.  

I live in an apartment, so utilizing space was of the most importance. There are so many concepts I used to pull the room together. One was I needed a work space but it still needed to look like a bedroom. I think I accomplished that. My work space doesn't look like a traditional desk and my decorative pieces don't look like office accessories.  Be creative.  Every corner has a bit of fun and definitely reflects my love of animal print and wild personality...hence the leopard print! 

I’m a believer in buying what you luv and you will find a place for it. I’m not a matchy matchy kinda girl but I can pull a look in a room together by connecting color dots. One piece of advice when introducing a color or a texture into a room, repeat it...but not the same item something similar in shape or color. 

Fashionable at home tip

Another fun way to bring life into a room is by using your clothes and accessories. Just think about it. You buy clothes that make you feel good and confident. Bring that same energy into your space. 


Thanks for checking in and checking out my bedroom space. Until next time, create a space that inspires to feel the way you want to feel! 

❌⭕️❌⭕️- Telisha 

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