When I saw the description for this event on the Charleston Wine + Food schedule I knew I had to be there. I have a serious love affair when it comes to coffee and when it comes to cocktails so combining the two got me really excited. All the cocktails were made with Counter Culture Coffee. 

I have to admit I can definitely get behind a Espresso Martini. It’s such a smooth vodka cocktail. It's rich with flavor and packs a nice caffeine punch. I think it's the perfect after dinner cocktail. 
What’s interesting about the second cocktail is that I really liked it. I was pleasantly surprised. One reason is because I really don’t like Negroni’s. I don’t really know what to say besides it just doesn’t tickle my fancy. With this Coffee-Groni I like the added coffee element. I like how adding the coffee shifted the flavor profile and my taste buds seem to enjoy it. Also. Rum is a fave so combining it with coffee is exciting. So I’m super excited to try to re-create this one at home. 
The last drink to me screams Saturday and Sunday brunch sipping especially once it warms up so it would be perfect for Summer. It gave me sweet tea vibes but coffee. I drink cold brew coffee a lot and love the idea of leveling it up like they did here. 

I so enjoyed this event and learning new ways to get my sip on and different ways to get my caffeine fix. This was a fun tasting if this is an option next Charleston Wine + Food and you’re into coffee like I am this is your event! 

Barista Blends

Espresso Martini


Coffee & Tonic

Bacon Egg & Jam Danish


Head over to www.charlestonwineandfood.com and save the date for next year!


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