This look is currently one of my favorites. I love the fit of the grey tank dress (and did you peep the little slit on the side?!) This dress totally delivers the sex appeal. Of course, my faux leather jacket and black patent leather pumps were the perfect complements to round out the look. Totally bucking the trend but currently I am more into pumps than the booties right now! The statement necklace brings the drama and aviator sunglasses keeps all eyes on me.

 I felt like a total bad ass in this look and that's what I wanted to achieve, bold and edgy. I came to slay with this one and that's what I did.

This look was for a concert! 

Outfit details

Dress: Torrid
Necklace: h&m
Jacket & Sunglasses: dds discounts
Pumps: Catos

Style tip: Don't be afraid of statement jewlery.  An easy way to take your look to the next level is with accessories.

My advice: Don't take fashion so seriously that you stress out about it. When you stress out about it, you take the fun out of it. Have fun. ~ Telisha Renee'