I have to admit, Cocktails and Candles are two of my favorite things. So, when I had the opportunity to attend an event where I was able to learn how to create a signature cocktail and candle, I had to be there.

Johnny and Taneka are the Cocktail Bandits. They are two amazing women here in Charleston, SC who are known for their innovative cocktails and their extensive knowledge about their craft. During this event, I was able to learn how to create their signature Peninsula Tea, which features Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. It was a great experience and I loved learning about the history of tea in South Carolina. We also received a complimentary tour pass to the Firefly Distillery, where the Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is made. Now how cool is that?

This Penisula Tea is the perfect 
Summer cocktail.

It was very light and refreshing. It was so good that I began to gulp it and almost forgot to take a picture!

Now on to some candle making magic.

Rachel, the Chandler at Candlefish was an absolute delight. She made candle making fun and easy. We created candles to compliment our cocktail. The scents in the candle are the same flavor profile for the drink. I was able to customize my candle to my own liking. I wanted more of a Ginger scent so I put more of that than mint and it came out smelling delish! Seriously, best candle ever!!! Especially, since I was the one to make it.

I call her Ginger Mint tea!

This was an amazing event. If you get the chance to become a Cocktail Creater and a Chandler for the day, do it!
You won't regret it.

I decided to wear my black Maxi dress I picked up a few weeks ago. Also, just a fyi, it's going to be a Kimono wearing Summer!


Maxi Dress: Old Navy

Kimono: dd's discounts

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