This time last week, I was thinking to myself I can wait for Diner En Blanc. It's a elegant all white dinner party that takes place in an undisclosed location and its invitation only. I mean how cool is that? When I say all white I mean all white down to the chairs and table cloths. Since this was my first time attending, I was in panic mode preparing for it. I'm a Virgo, so being a perfectionist, I wanted everything to be right.  Attending this event was a bit nerve wrecking for me and you may ask why? Simply because I am a control freak. So not knowing all the details had me on edge. I was nervous and excited, I think more excited than anything at this point. 

After we arrived at our location and set up for dinner, and I took my 1st sip of Rose' and all my worries and cares went away. I guess you can say Rose' saved the day.

It truly was a great time, I meet some people who came from out of town specifically for the event. So that let's you know, this was a big deal. In regards to the food you could order picnic baskets from some of the local restaurants. However; I opted to bring my own, I am a wine and cheese girl so I knew what I was bringing from the time I decided to go. They also had amazing wine options, which you would purchase through them and it would be available for pick up at the location once you arrived. The ambiance was amazing, so many people and table decor, it was a sight to see. the music was off the chain as they would say, ,the live band was great and DJ Natty Heavy turned that party out! I had an amazing time, we ate , we laughed, we drank and we danced! Next year I will be a pro, I wont have any newbie jitters. So see you next year at Diner en blanc.

Style tip: Don't over dress for outdoor events, keep it simple and light weight.

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