Hey everyone, I am back in one of my favorite cities.

I fell in love with Baltimore, last Summer. I was there for a long weekend attending an event and had the best time roaming the city. During one of those days we decided to go to Inner Harbour and I was sold! So I knew during this trip to D.C, we have to pay B...More a visit because Baltimore is bae'.

It's so gorgeous and the vibe is amazing. There is just something about being near a waterfront that so refreshing. I believe that's what has me hooked, the feeling of feeling refreshed

So lets talk about my look. It's so cool how some looks just come togther when you didn't even pack them to be worn together. I have realized in my recent travels, I am not very good at packing; however, I'm very good at shopping, lol.

I've done really well at incorporating my fall/winter looks buy throwing in Spring pieces and colors. I added a light pink pom to my velvet wine colored clutch, to give it a fresh look. 

This floral Kimono has all the right Spring elements. The colors and the light weight fabric makes it a great layer piece. It also brightens up this look and brings it together by tieing in the colors.

I truly enjoyed my visit and I will be back!

Style tip: Accessories are the easiest way to to transition pieces, something as simple as a Pom cant make an impact.


Kimono, Jeans, tank top and belt : dd's discounts

Clutch: oldnavy
Shoes: Payless Shoes
Pom: gifted :)

Thanks for reading ❌⭕❌⭕💋.

Travel through life, Fashionably!

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