Hey everyone I am wrapping up this collab with Audrey Grace and Izzy. I must say that I have truly enjoyed the experience working with this brand. So many gorgeous pieces such a great concept behind it and it's very cool to work with people who believe in your brand and trust your vision enough to allow you to partake in any type of way when it comes to there business.

This piece was very interesting to me when I received it. Initially I didn't know what to do with it. I also chatted up with the owner of the brand and she told me it's a little mix of Izzy and a little mix of Grace and this piece was just a little out of the box. She stated that she knew not just anyone can pull it off but she knew that I could.

I know that I'm not wearing it the way that it's meant to be worn. But I decided to wear it the way that I thought looked best on me. And that's the speak volumes when it comes to so many items you receive from people when they send it to you. Them creating the pieces is their creativity the way you style the pieces is your creativity. Never get boxed in to thinking something has to be worn the way that it was made or shown in an ad the key to having great Personal Style is allowing your creativity to shine through fashion.

This collab allowed me to step out of my box in so many ways. For instance a body chain I probably never would have purchased one but after this I'm definitely all in. I love how this adds drama to my luck it's definitely a great bold statement piece if that's what you're looking to bring out your look. I think we're wearing all black accessories is definitely what brings your look to life.

Thanks you guys for dropping in as usual checking out the post. Make sure you check out www.audreygraceizzy.com for any of your jewelry needs. Until next time remember to let your creativity flow and let your style show. ❌⭕💋 -Telisha

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