If glamour is your middle name the Grace line from Audrey Grace and Izzy is where you want to shop.

I love the combination of the multilayered pieces. Grace seems like the type of woman who is very feminine but loves to look classic at the same time. I can see a lot of solid color pieces in her wardrobe and she lets the jewelery do the talking instead of her clothing.

That's one thing I love about accessories, it brings your looks to life. You can take the simplest pieces and add a necklace like this and it upgrades your look instantly.

You get so many great perks when shopping with Audrey Grace & Izzy.  The Glam Box experience is amazing and so fun.  The owner hand picks the pieces for you. So when it arrives, you have this amazing box filled with gorgeous pieces. She only orders one piece per item so it truly makes for a one of a kind experience.

Thanks for checking out the post. Make sure you check out www.audreygraceizzy.com or click HERE you will not be disappointed. Till next time, Glam it up with Audrey Grace & Izzy.

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