I am so loving the embroided Jean trend. I mean what's not to love. Especially when you find a pair that looks like this. The print is fun without being overwhelming. I cant get enough of this Melissa McCarthy pair it has such a great fit. The slimming technology and the stretch is on point. I love the cuff I also love the way that it's distressed. Its a little frayed and a little faded. This is definitely going to be a pair that's in heavy rotation this fall. Macys has such a great selection of denim and this ongoing trend you should really check them out HERE or @www.macys.com .

Thanks so much for popping in. Don't be afraid to try the new trends. All you do is add your little spin on them. And style them whatever way you feel fit. I tend to mix bold with more subtle pieces to let statement items shine. And sometimes when I find two things that I think are just a match made in heaven I go for it. I'm encouraging you to try new things experience new trends I mean why not. Until next time be adventurous with your wardrobe. ❌⭕💋 -Telisha


  1. Those jeans are cute!!!! I love the design! It's not too over the top but still allows you to have some style.

    1. I agree!!! That's how I felt it's still on trend without being over the top. Thanks for reading.

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