This necklace set from the Izzy Collection of Audrey Grace & Izzy is FIRE! It's simply Hot, Hot and Hot! It demands attention and it gets it.

This necklace is what statement jewlery is all about. It gives me a Warrior Princess vibe and I love it. It has a strong presence to it, which is perfect for those who love bold fashion and has a bold style to go along with it.

The Izzy Collection is definitely for the
adventurous. It's for someone who's edgy and a trendsetter.

The necklace paired so well with this cold shoulder top and my ripped denim. 

It elevated this look and I love the boho vibe it gave off and I must admit my head was held a little higher wearing this because I felt powerdul wearing it. I love when accessories can transform your vibe. When you find pieces like that you know it a must have for your collection.

Just sitting her getting my Warrior Princess Slay on. Make sure you check out Audrey Grace & Izzy Here or go to you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for checking in and checking out this amazing necklace set I received in my Glam Box from Audrey Grace and Izzy. Keep and eye out, I have so much more to come. Until next time never be afraid to dress boldly, I believe we all have a little Warrior Princess in us. ❌⭕💋 - Telisha

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