I love the holidays. Especially the decorating. I love decorating my home, decorating the Christmas tree and even decorating the classroom at work. Whenever I get dressed up for the holidays I think of it the same way. I think about how am I going to decorate myself for the upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday. 

 I've been loving on everything Anna Sui at Macy's this fall and this Bell sleeved Sheath dress is no exception. Loving the Retro Vibe of the sleeve and the bold print.

Then I decided to combine it with the ornate gate design jewelry and rice beads from Gold Creation Charleston. Just like this dress the gate designs are such a bold statement. 

I love how the rice beads can be so understated but add a bit of texture to a look. 

Thanks so much for popping in. Until next time, I hope that you look to be a little adventurous with your holiday looks go bold and don't be afraid to layer on the details. How will you decorate yourself this holiday? 


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