Hey everyone thanks for popping in.

I’m here to share this gorgeous ruched dress from Ashley Stewart.  If you’re looking for great quality clothes you should definitely check out them out . They always have amazing sales. I have to honestly say that everything that I've bought from them has been of great quality.  So have you noticed that I am a bit obsessed right now with purple and pearls? If you check out the last couple of posts you’ll see them floating around. You’ll also notice a lot of different shades of purple coming up in the next few posts. I’m just really loving the color for the upcoming season and I just love the vibe that it gives off. The pearls are definitely going to be a major statement in a lot of my photos especially with Valentines coming up. To me pearls are romantic and sweet very girly and dainty. So by combining the purple and the pearls it definitely gives me a luxe feel and the vibe of royalty. This really is a great color it was listed as "Italian Plum" the name alone sounds amazing. I think this is a great option for a Valentines look.

Well thanks for popping in and reading all about this Plum Perfect look. Until next time switch it up and go for a non traditional color for a holiday look. I mean pink is pretty and red is fine but this Plum is Perfect!

xoxo -Telisha

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