Hey, I hope your week is going well thus far. I am always so glad to chat it up with you guys. Today I'm talking about one of my favorite Black Friday finds and one of my secret Santa gifts that I am absolutely in love with. I didn't do much Black Friday shopping but I was able to grab a few items and one was this black and white long sleeve midi dress from the Tracy Ross collab with JC Penney's.

Listen, when I tell you that I adore this dress I really do. This dress will be in heavy rotation. It's so perfect for the Winter, the long sleeve and long length plus the fit is really good and I love stripes & I love black and white. So this was a win-win all around for me. I decided to pair it with my cranberry wine colored scarf. I received this in my secret Santa gift from one of my blogger pals and I love it. It's one of my favorite colors and I think it added a great pop of color to this look.

I feel really good Winter dresses are hard to find. So if you're interested in this one you should head over to your local JCPenney or check them out online. They probably are on sale right now it's been out for a while. Also, hit me up if you guys find any others, so I can check them out too. Until next time hope you guys are enjoying your New Year and taking good care of yourselves.

❌⭕❌⭕💋- Telisha

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