Hey everyone thanks for popping in and checking out the new post. I am talking about these fit and flare dresses by City Studios at Macy's! I am pleasantly surprised by the way I have fallen for the cut of these dresses. I myself would not choose this type of fit so when I received it I was a little skeptical whether or not I will be able to pull it off.

This First dress was very sassy. I loved the mesh neckline and how the dress had the sweetheart cut. And it's very figure-flattering the way it brings you in at the waist and then flares out.  The dress definitely accentuates my curves

This dress had me at Blue. I have never owned a dress this color. I don't even think I've owned a shirt this color. So when I pulled it out it definitely had that wow factor. This dress was definitely a lot of fun to wear.

Let's just say I got loads of attention when I was out photographing this look. It's definitely one of those colors that draws the eyes. It's quite mesmerizing if I would say. It's kind of dreamy it's like looking at blue skies.  Again, with the fit and flare brings you in at the waist and flares out so also very figure-flattering.

This dress is definitely a fav. I love the pinks and the purple. I mean and who doesn't love roses? The dress definitely has a romantic feel to it it. It screams springtime and that's the look that we're going for right now. 

These Macys looks definitely made me realize that I should experiment more with different cuts of clothing. I mean where's the adventure and never trying something new? I'm so glad I was able to experience these new looks and share it with you. Until next time step outside of the box. Yiu just might have more fun to have out there! 

 Macys (City Studios) Dresses

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