Hey y'all popping in to talk about one of my favorite things to try! 

Wine Flights! 

The Wine Bar is located in Mt. Pleasant, SC.
Whenever I get a chance to visit them, I do.
I also love bringing someone along who has never had the wine and cheese experience. I usually get these crazy looks when I mention it, then I say "don't knock it till you try it"! 

Looks like somebody is having a great time. Honestly, wine flights here has that effect on everybody. 
the atmosphere is so welcoming and the service has been amazing every time I go.

The Cheeses and Charcuterie meat trays are some of the best I've seen. If you do wine and cheese often at different locations, you know all trays are not created equal. I have never been disappointed here.

I always and I mean always order Brie, its my favorite. Pepperoni and Salami is a go to for me when its time to pick out the meats. In no way am I a wine Connoissuer. I just know what I like and I love trying new wines. one piece of advice trust the bar tender. I always order 2 of what I love for the flight and then ask them to surprise me. this last visit the surprise was an Italian Moscato w/bubbles. It definately was a pleasant surprise!

A little chocolate never hurt nobody. It also was the perfect way to end this day.
Try the bacon flavored Chocolate, its so good.

We tried to take a selfie and was photo bombed! 
I have no idea who she is but It made for a great pic and fun memory to look back on.

Until Next time, share your faves with your friends. Great wine, great food at a great wine bar is where it's at! 

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