When I tell y'all Fashion Nova delivered they really did. Just like many of you, I've seen all of the advertisements talking about their jeans so when I got the opportunity to try out some of their pieces I was beyond excited.

 So my picks were this off-the-shoulder bodysuit, a black dress and of course their famous Fashion Nova jeans. 

 I love the off-the-shoulder body suit. The color is vibrant had lots of stretch and it fit great. I wear off-the-shoulder all season long so I definitely knew that this was going to be a great pick. 

Then I decided I should get a Fashion Nova dress. It's hard to believe but I really don't have many black dresses so when I saw this tank with ruched side sides, I definitely wanted to give that a try. What I can say is I don't know what kind of hocus pocus they put in their fabric but once I put that dress on, I was snatched! It automatically slimmed everything and brought it all together. 

Now saving the best for last these Fashion Nova jeans! When I pulled them out of the bag I said to myself there's no way these are getting on my ass. They looked really really small you guys. However I don't know what kind of magic pixie or fairy dust they sprinkle on their denim but when I told you these jeans slid on like butter they did. Whenever I put them on I'm constantly checking out myself, shamelessly!!!!! These pics were an absolute head for me. 

If your heading over there to make some purchases of your own make sure you use "FashionableTraveler" and save yourself 20% on your purchase. 

Until next time don't be afraid to show them curves! ❌⭕❌⭕💋- Telisha

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