Happy Women's Month! 

I love events that are interactive, informative and fun. Last week I attended a event to celebrate women who made their mark. This event was truly a great experience and the most fun that I've had on a Monday in quite some time. We talked about Margie Samuels and how she was a major contributor to creating the iconic whisky and distillery, Makers Mark.

We meet at 1Kept a restaurant located in downtown, Charleston. This space is breathtaking, they have amazing food and cocktails. We started off drinking signature cocktails made with Makers Mark. 
The Earnhart Legacy was my favorite. 

     New Hair Do

Maker's Mark
Unsweetened Hibiscus Tea
Brown Sugar Syrup
Lemon Juice

Earnhart's Legacy Cocktail

Maker's Mark
Fresh Lemon
Creme De Violette

Margie’s Mark

Amaro Don Ferne’
Clove & Pineapple
Oleo Saccharum
Grapefruit Peel

We introduced ourselves  and also spoke a little on  how we came to be in the place that we were  that afternoon.  We discussed Margie Samuels and how she was a major contributor to creating the iconic whiskey and distillery known as Makers Mark.  It's amazing to hear how women have shaped the industry in the past and how they are continuously breaking barriers and setting new standards for the future. 

Then we went on to create our own personal time capsules. We wrote a note to ourselves on the back of a Maker's Mark label .  We then rolled it up and place it inside of an empty bottle and it was sealed with the signature red wax that's used on all the Maker's Mark bottles .  I have to tell you  that  this  was so much fun. I am looking forward to opening up my letter to myself 10 years from now. 


Photograph: N. Mickle Photography

When we were done sipping and writing it was time to head over to Candlefish, which was located right across the street and make candles. We picked out our own scents to customize our candles, and sipped on Makers Mark through out the night. Now, that makes for a fun candle making experience!

Photograph: N. Mickle Photography

I hope you enjoyed this overview. It really doesn't embody how amazing it was. Until, next time celebrate yourself and the women around you. 

After all, when women support each other, incredible things happen!

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