I've been looking for skin care regimen for a while now and I have to say that I am smitten with Elle Johnson Luxury Skin Care. I think my body is jealous of my face right now. When I'm done every night I feel so refreshed and my face feels alive. I've been getting compliments on how my face looks. It doesn't just look great, it feels great!

I received the 3-piece Trio collection set. Which includes the Cleansing Lotion, Firming Toner and Mango Cream. I really love the packaging it's beautiful. The bottles are perfect for traveling. I recently carried them with me when I went on a weekend getaway. 

 I love the three step process and It's super easy to use. I think people are looking for no-fuss skin care. I believe the Elle Johnson Skin Care Line has done a great job of offering that. If you're always on the go and looking for quality skin care, this would be perfect for you. Their products smell absolutely amazing and that will get you excited about doing your regimen every night. The mango cream is my favorite, it's like putting the cherry on top of a sundae. I look forward to finishing up the process, because the smell is just so invigorating.

Oh and ladies it gets better! Elle Johnson skincare is Botanical based, which means they are all natural. Not only are you nurturing your skin, it smells unbelievably good and your skin feels amazing after using it, but you're using a plant-based product. My skin has been feeling tightened, refreshed and moisturized. This is what I have been looking for all along. 

It's safe to say that I am loving the Elle Johnson Luxury Skin care line. They have many products on their website you have to go check it out at www.ellejohnson.co or click HERE

Make sure you use TFT15 at checkout and you receive a discount when ordering. 

Until next time, make sure you are showing your skin some love. 

❌⭕❌⭕💋- Telisha

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