Hey thanks for popping in. This week is definitely a big week we are leaving out loving February and moving into March. I know I'm not the only one who's super excited that spring is definitely in the air. One thing I'm not too excited about though is the pollen. I had a pretty rough week last week and it had me really down and out. However feeling great even a little bit better than the norm.

So this week I'm chatting it up about this super chic look. I love stripes, love black and white, love faux leather and statement jewelry. The statement necklace and earrings are giving off some serious Warrior Princess vibes.

 So one of my very bad habits that I'm talking about today is a bit of a shopping habit. I have noticed that I honestly get dressed based on what my mood is around the time that I have an event or an outing to go to.

 This clashes with the fact that I already have clothes that has been purchased that I need to wear. However it may not be an item that's giving off the type of vibe that I want or the type of look that I'm trying to portray at any given time. So what ends up happening is I buy something else. That begins a horrible cycle.

For instance these awesome faux leather joggers from Eloquii I purchased about a year ago. They were on sale a great deal for I believe a little less than $20 I'm thinking 19.99 when I bought them. It's been a year! So, I decided to challenge myself and start wearing these clothes that I have with tags on them.  Honestly, I do love the pieces or I wouldn't have purchased them and sometimes it's a out of sight out of mind kind of issue. Sometimes you forget about what you have to do to the fact that you have all this other stuff.

Well that's enough babbling about my bad habit. Thanks for checking in and until next time you may want to check your closet twice before ordering something new. 

❌⭕❌⭕💋 -Telisha


Necklace Set:

Striped Shirt:
Fashion Nova Curve

Faux Leather Jogger:


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