Hey all happy new week. I hope that your weekend was amazing and your new year is still blossoming into something beautiful and prosperous. I'm just so glad that you decided to pop in and check out the new post. Now if you've been following me for a while you know that I love animal print! if you don't know check out the hashtag #theuntamedfashionlife on instagram. I don't mind wearing the print on tops, bottoms, dresses even on my nails and shoes. To me it always screams a good time. I know it can come off as intimidating. It doesn't have to be. Whenever I rock it, I downplay it by pairing with more subtle items or adding a contrast that balances. Animal print is definitely one of those prints that holds its own when styling.

I fell in love with this Moto style jacket for so many reasons. 1. Being the animal print 2. Being the fit and 3. Being the zipper details. Oh and might I add the price was right.  Caught this on sale for 15.99 from GS Loves Me and the shipping was free . If there is one more thing that I love as much as prints, it would be metal hardware on clothing. I love zippers, studs and embellishments of any sort. I definitely think I'm a girl after drama when it comes to clothes. I love the wild factor I love the excitement that it brings. So definitely I am all about clothes that you want to wear and clothes that you have fun while wearing.

Thanks for popping in. Until next time don't be afraid to go bold or be a little adventurous with your clothes. 



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