Hey thanks for popping in it's all about you and your BADASS today! When this pin arrived in the mail, I was so excited! I could not wait to rock it. I instantly thought to myself, what kind of outfit makes me feel like a BADASS! For starters this Bad ass pin from Effie's Paper is a must have!

I always feel my best in denim. I love jeans I have too many pairs to count and don't mind buying more. When I was on a trip a few months back I picked up this denim blazer and these skinny Jeans.
These are from Lane Bryant and when I tell you these have become an instant fave is an understatement. The fit is amazing and they feel amazing on.

The rose gold sipper bodysuit was a great find. I grabbed this cutie at a local It's Fashion. Hardware is a favorite of mine. I love it on clothing and accessories.  I like studs, spikes, zippers and embellishments the more the merrier. If you can't tell I have a thing for chrome and shiny things also. So, the Bronze pumps were a must.

5 tips on how to be a Badass Boss Babe:

1. Badass pin from @effiespaper 
2. Bombass fitting denim I got the blazer and jeans from @lanebryant 
3. Bangin ass bodysuit with zipper detail got this from @itsfashionstores 
4. Boss babe sunglasses got these from @diffeyewear 
5. Kickass shoes from @Macys 

Then you have to decide to own it! You have to constantly pep talk yourself and be you, unapologetically. 

People ask me all the time about confidence and being plus size and fashion. I once heard a saying you have to be your own cheerleader....you're the star player...cheer for yourself always! 

Until, next time remember be a BADASS! -Telisha

Outfit :

Badass Pin:  Effie's Paper
Denim Jeans & Blazer: Lane Bryant
Bodysuit: It's Fashion
Pumps: Macys
Sunglasses: DIFFeyewear

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