Hey thanks for popping in. I’m talking about the tie front shirt trend. I would always see people rocking them and usually it’s like a crop top fit. I also would see some people wearing a T-shirt and tie it on the side. i loved how it looked and wanted to give it a try. I didn’t own any button up shirts that would look good tied in front or any tees. So when Macys sent me these two shirts I was ecstatic. Looking at them first glance only you wouldn’t think that tying these shirts was the thing to do. That’s where your personal style and creativity comes in. Just because something wasn’t made to be worn one way doesn’t mean you can’t remix it and wear it the way you want. 

This One A Ruffles Cold Shoulder shirt has a lot of stretch. So when y’all tie it, you still feel comfortable and not forced like a normal button up would feel. I also love the color and the slit sleeves and the fun ruffles it gives off a tropical look to me. I also think it’s versatile you could wear it work, tucked in a skirt. I’m all about remixing items to work in different settings. 

Now this Joseph A top had me feeling Saucy! The color is so rich and bold I just love it. This top hits at the thigh normally and has a asymmetrical hem. When I tried it on I knew I was going to try and tie it on the side. It just so happens that it tied perfectly. The extra fabric from it being asymmetrical made it easy. This top also had a lot of stretch.  When wearing this at work I would definitely wear it with a pair of skinny legged pants and wear it down instead of tied on the side. Like I said before I love versatile pieces and I believe in remixing my clothes. 

I hope this gave you a different perspective when it comes to your tops. Just because they are meant to be worn one way doesn’t mean you have to wear it like that. I think I may share more of my work style with you this upcoming fall and show how I remix my items. Until next time, let your style show! After all it’s your clothes. ❌⭕️❌⭕️ - Telisha

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