If you don’t know what’S SMAD-CON is. It’s a social makes a difference conference. When I originally saw the posting that it was going to be held here in Charleston I jumped at the chance to be apart of it. Imagine my excitement when I was asked to be interviewed. Working as a creative/influencer when it comes to social media Is hard work.  You essentially have to be marketing, advertising, PR, a freaking genius and so on. So when you have the chance to learn anything new that can make your day to day easier you u should give it a try. 

  I can say this I’m honestly not a tech savvy person at all. However, I do have a good understanding of people. So for me it’s all about connections. If you can connect with your audience, your followers, your community and even your coworkers it makes for a much more pleasing experience. 

 Just to give you a little background history on me my major is Applied Behavioral Science, I have at least 8+ years in human service and behavior intervention. So I’ve always felt that my calling has always been to serve. Attending  SMAD-CON gave me even more of a confirmation of that when it comes to social media. We meet a few guys and their names happen to be John & John.  They went around and they asked each of us individually how could they help us with our platforms? I didn’t quite realize till after the meet up event that the question that I asked really didn’t have much to do with me at the core of it. I stated how do I get brands to connect with other influencers. They stated they really couldn’t give me much info on that, except ask people how you can help them. Which leads back into my purpose to be of service. So if you're reading this and looking to start a platform, how can I help you? I'm here to help.

Over all SMAD-CON was an amazing experience for 3 reasons:

1. I connected with people who in many cases I would never had come across.
2. I built a deeper connection with my local blogger babes while attending. 
3. I had my 1st live interview, YAY ME! 

So, thanks SMADCON for helping me connect more dots!  
❌⭕️❌⭕️- Telisha

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