Decisions.. Decisions... Decisions! We make so many of them every day all day long. I think sometimes we will forget about the power behind what we decide to do and what we decide not to do. It’s truly amazing sometimes how yes or no can drastically change any situation for the worst or for the best. Honestly, one of the biggest decisions you make everyday is to be happy. I know it doesn’t seem as simple as that. However, making a conscious decision to see the good and not just the bad in something will cause a mind shift. Your mindset is of the most important when ever any type of situation are crisis occurs in your life. People always ask me about confidence. Confidence is a learned skill. You’re not automatically confident. You have to remember in life that you’re the star player. You have to take care of self. You have to be your own cheerleader. You have to speak greatness over yourself even when you don’t feel like it. Even when you're feel down and out. The reality is a lot of situations are temporary. If it be for one hour, one day, one month, or one year.  Decide to be great decide to be happy decide to make a better choice and watch what happens!

So enough about all these decisions let’s get into denim. I love jeans. I probably have pretty close to 15 pairs and in my mind I need more.  Tell me there’s nothing better than denim. It’s my go to if I have any type of I don’t know what to wear situations. You can dress it up you can dress it down you could be super casual you could be so chic , a great pair of jeans are the ultimate must have.  These jeans are from Macys and are in my top 5 the brand is “Kut from the Kloth” the fit is amazing and them hem detail is everything. Now I will tell you this I have a love-hate relationship with Chambray.  I love the look of it what I don’t love is that it doesn’t have any stretch or give to it. So, I am very selective of which pieces I purchase.  When I saw this top on Fashion Nova I knew I had to have it I love the drawstring detail. So whats your favorite denim brands? I'd love to know. Until next time, have fun with denim and decide to be happy. 

Think happy thoughts and Have a fashionable day! XXX-Telisha

Oufit details

Jeans - Macys 
Top - Fashion Nova 
Shoes - Macys 
Sunglasses -Catos

 Earring - Walmart

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