The Misfit Vapor has me hooked! It’s been a few weeks and I love it. The sleek design I feel definitely makes a statement yet it’s not over powering very chic when paired with the black band it comes with. I ordered the rose gold cause it’s been my favorite tone color this season and it looks so stylish and the quality is great. Switching out the bands are easy and I love when ever you can make something your own. It’s very comfortable on your wrist and the design is very bold and that’s one of things that attracted me on sight. 

One thing I realized about the Misfit Vapor is how easy it is to navigate. It has many features as a smart watch should. It ranges from weather , agenda, find your phone and so much more. So you receive your notifications and messages as you would on your cell. However, I opted to just receive text messages and no social media alerts. Doing this made me realize that I’ve reduced my screen time on my cell phone during work hours. 
I have 3 kids and countless friends and family and want to make sure if there is an emergency I don’t miss their message if it’s important. So normally I would check my phone for text messages and get drawn in to checking my Instagram or Facebook and not realize 15 to 20 minutes has passed. When I get a notification on my watch I check that and continue on what I’m doing. If it’s important then I grab my phone and address it. it allows me to semi disconnect. This is great since social media seems to be taking over our days.
I’m also excited about the features that will help support my upcoming goals with incorporating more exercise and healthier habits. It tracks your heart rate and daily exercise. I’m really impressed with this watch. If you’re on the look out for a smart watch that can look chic, keep you in the know and keep up with you day in and day out the Misfit Vapor is a good fit, literally. Check out the Misfit Vapor and and their other watches at WWW.MISFIT.COM
Thanks for checking in everyone. This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Have a Fashionable Day! -XOXO-Telisha

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