My love of art has been growing. Last year during Arts fest, I checked out the 12th annual African American Fiber Art Exhibition. Everything was so detailed and the art was  beautifully made. I left feeling full of wonder and wanting to see more. I made one of my new year goals to visit and attend more art based events. When I came across the Neema Fine Art Gallery I knew I had to visit.  
The Neema Fine Art Gallery has been in Charleston for only a few months and has been received well. All artist either reside in South Carolina or they’re from SC. They have a variety of elements that make the space so captivating. Here are two of my favorites by Tyrone Geter, I was completely drawn in by larger than life size and use of Charcoal and paper. These are larger than life pieces and they definitely have a presence of power.
The gallery also show cases one of a kind jewelry. So many of the pieces were just breathtaking. What woman wouldn’t want to wear exclusive jewelry? This space is such a treat you have to go and enjoy it for your self. You have to put it on your list of things do.

This was my 1st visit and it won’t be my last. I’m so glad the owner Meisha allowed us to come in and have a private viewing. We were able to converse and connect and enjoy the artwork without distractions during our private meet up. This was the Fashionable1s 1st meet up of 2019 and the Neema Fine Art Gallery did not disappoint and made it a memorable one.  Check out the gallery online at 

Neema Gallery
3 Broad St ste 100
Charleston, SC
 Thanks for following along and checking in! I’m all about new experiences and sharing them with y’all. I’m here to influence you to feed your soul and today I served some of the dopest art I’ve seen, I hope you enjoyed. 

❌⭕️❌⭕️💋 - Telisha
 Have a Fashionable Day!

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