Wow,  it's amazing how time flies! It's August and we are in the last quarter of the year. I've been feeling a shift for quite some time now. I decided to go with the flow of it instead of pulling away from it and you know what? That's when the greatness begins. Everything began to come full circle. The vision became clear. It was time to execute those things. You know what I'm talking about. The things you've been planning for, prepping for dreaming about and stressing over. Yeah those things! It's time to create the things you wish existed. I'm here to help! Think of me as your Creative Best Friend. I like the sound of that. Hi I'm Telisha your Creative BFF! Let's create some magic together. I'm here to help you connect those creative dots. I can help with creating content, assist with photo shoots and styling. I can take the lead on a project if that's what you need.  I can coach you through a creative rut or cheer you on from the sidelines! I got you. So tell me what do you need help with creatively? 
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