So sipping events are my favorite! I like to think of myself as a professional sipper. I do love a cocktail, a glass of wine, a cup of tea and of course coffee. I love sipping and sharing it, so you can go and try something new. So invite me to all the sipping moments. I’ll be there with glass in hand. 

This was the “Essences & Aromatics” event created by the Cocktail Bandits. You have to check them out over on Instagram @cocktailbandits or on their website

The event featured a cocktail making class and a fragrance making class by Tijon of Charleston. The night started with a welcome cocktail, the Masterpiece. It’s always a treat to hang with the Cocktail Bandits. They make spirit education fun and engaging. I always learn so much about whatever the spirit is. This event was all about Gin. 

Can I be honest with you? Gin is usually my last to pick, when thinking of what type of cocktail I want. The Cocktail bandits prove yet again, when cocktails are properly prepared any spirit is enjoyable. I love a well balanced cocktail. They always get it right! 

The combination of crafting cocktails and creating a signature fragrance was such a great concept. I was so excited to create with Tijon. This was my first time and I enjoyed every moment. Choosing all the different scents was very difficult. So many of them smelled amazing. I decided on Vanilla, Amber and Honey. Y'all, I'm so in love with my scent. It's giving, earthy, warm and sensual vibes. I can't wait to go. I think creating a Summer scent would be a great idea. Check out Tijon at and instagram @tijoncharleston  



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