Charleston + Wine + Food = An Amazing Festival! 

CHSWF is like fine wine it just keeps getting better with age. This is my 3rd year partnering with them to show y’all all the yummy bites, delicious sips and fun time we have together. 

It started with a chic VIP party at Union Station in downtown Charleston. Beautiful decor, wine sipping and food munching good time! 

Then we were off to the Cistern Yard for “Opening Night” festivities. We laughed, we danced, we sipped, we ate and enjoyed every moment! This venue is gorgeous at night and so magical with the lights. It’s a must see. 

El Barrio was all about the Latinx food + Culture. There was ahhhhmazing music, bold and flavorful bites and so many great cocktails. I can’t even tell you how many sipping margaritas I had but they were all sipping good! This is held at Holy City Brewing in North Charleston. Just minutes from downtown Charleston. 

Culinary Village is held at the River Front Park. This is also located in North Charleston. It’s the perfect place for an outdoor festival with the river as a back drop. A day filled with music, celebrating and connecting. The CV is a three day experience. Everything is a different chance to experience new sips and bites. 

The Discover SC event is a fave of mine every year. I love connecting with the Chef Ambassadors and tasting their phenomenal dishes. It’s always a treat every year to mix and mingle. I loved the signature bites and the wine ever flowing.

“Let That Be the Riesling” was a Riesling tasting event. Tastings are my favorite when it comes to wine. I love learning about the different types and pairings and of course the tasting part of it. This was my 1st time trying all of these. This was also my 1st even hearing about Ice Wine. My top 3 favorites, Living Roots Wine & Co, Trestle 31 and Trestle 31 the Demi-Sec. If you’re a Riesling lover check these out. 

Finale night is always one of my favorite events. It’s like a victory lap! The festival life is fast paced but fun. It literally takes days if not weeks to recover and that’s not a bad thing. It means you have fun, enjoyed yourself and can’t wait to do it again, lol! At least that’s how it is for me. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and check out all the reels from this years events and also saved in the highlights over there. 

Until next time, save the date March 6-10 of next year! Tickets will go on sale October 19, 2024 at Charleston Wine + Food I know you don’t want to miss it. Go Sip, Bite & Taste Everything -Telisha 


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