I’m back HOM.... and it taste so good! Especially if it starts of with a Blueberry Peach Sangria Moscato, blueberry, peach, ginger lemonade & soda, that sounds good right? This is how all meals should start off! Last year around this same time was the 1st time I came to HOM! It was conveniently located on King st after an event the same as this day.  

A few of my blogger babes and I decided this is where we wanted to eat. Initially I was hurt whenever I asked for Brussel Sprouts but it wasn’t on the menu anymore. My taste buds were so ready for them! They were amazing the last time I was there. So this go round I got a chance to try out the sweet potato fries and they were so yummy. They were tossed in roasted garlic & truffle aioli, and blue cheese. I love blue cheese, it’s my jam! Another great taste was the bacon-ranch, french cadet confit wings! Wings are my absolute favorite food. I’ll eat them everyday and twice on Sundays if I could. Last but not least I also had the Chicken Quesadilla it had braised chicken, mexican cheese blend, red onions guacamole, pico de gallo, chipotle sour cream. So little funny story I didn’t read the description well when ordering the quesadilla. I didn’t realize it had guacamole on it. I’m not a fan of guac... so imagine my surprise when I bit into it 😝... lol after scooping some out and leaving the minimum on, it was delicious 😋. Has that ever happened to any of you before? 

If you’re local and haven’t been to HOM, GO! If you're visiting put HOM on your list! Thanks for checking in and checking out the good eats! Have an awesome and yummy day!

-Telisha @tayloredtotaste

Taylored to Taste

left to right ( Narcisa @narcisam08 Jasmine @thejasmineashley Ireana @xoxoijoelle )

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