I'm new to this whole GIN thing. I once had a not so great experience and that turned me away from drinking it. According to Mr. Traxler , the owner and our personal bartender that day,  that's called a "GINCIDENT" thats when you have to much bad gin that you swear off of it.

Well  on this day there was no Gincident. These were the smoothest flavor filled gin cocktails I've ever had. I may be a little biased because I love mules in general so the English Mule easily became my favorite. The Tom Collins was right behind it and Mojito came next. I'm not a big Mojito fan but I have to say Nippitaty  Organic Gin has changed that tune. Oh yes its organic and created right here in Chraleston Well in North Charleston to be exact. You can have a gin tasting and a gin tour of the distillery on the same day and sit back and enjoy the cocktails of your choosing.

Needless, to say we picked a great happy hour meet up. I'm always looking for new experiences. So being able to taste the gin and tour and sit back and enjoy it all with my gal pals was a total win. If you're looking for that type of meet up Nippitaty Distillary is a great place for just that. It has a very casual cool laid back vibe. I'll take that vibe any day. Check them out they are located at 4208 Pace St Unit B, North Charleston, SC 29405.

Thank you for checking in and checking out Nippitaty and "the GINCIDENT" with me. Have a taste filled day! -Telisha @tayloredtotaste

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