Hey to all the Wellness Warriors out there! Last week I held my 1st Wellness, Wine & Whatever Virtual gathering. Y'all we had a really good time. I miss connecting with people. I mean yeah you can chat over on social media but that doesn't give you the same satisfaction as looking at someone directly and holding a conversation. 

During this time its important to be able to release built up frustration. It's important to be able to speak about the things that are on your mind. It's important for those things to be acknowledged. It's also important to make adjustments and move forward. All things may not be resolved but addressing them is half the battle. At least that way you're able to start breaking them down slowly. It also helps to have some feedback, you never who can help and you never know unless you ask.   

So we drank and chatted and laughed a lot! It really was a great time! We shared what we were sipping on and some fun stories and some embarrassing moments.   Thanks to all who joined in.  The next one is to be determined as of now. So make sure you're following me over on Instagram @thefashionabletraveler  so you don't miss out on the fun!

Red Wine was my sip of choice and this was my 1st time having this 7 Moods Red Blend and it wont be my last. It has a very rich taste to it like chocolate and cherries. I loved it. 

Thanks for checking in and checking out the post! until next time... Be Well & Be Safe! - Telisha 

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