It’s officially 2021.... Happy New Year! I’m an optimistic person and I 99% of the time try to look on the bright side of things. I have to be honest, 2020 definitely gave me a run for my money. I found myself feeling emotionally, mentally and physically drained on any given day. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. 

I found a way to help myself navigate through these trying times a little smoother. I look for the bright side and if I can’t see it, I create it. With that being said. When you find a little bit of joy hold on to it and when it dwindles and you can’t find another joyful moment, create them.  You should make plans. Give yourself something to look forward to. This looks different for every one of you. I have a friend who finds joy in skating. I have another who finds joy in plants and being out doors. I find joy in new experiences.  

Last month I got a chance to lunch with my friend and this was definitely a bright side to all the craziness I had going on. We went to a local restaurant called the “Pink Cactus” the weather was great day. The temp was just right. I love a bright and sunny day. It was the pefect day for luch out on the patio. We sipped Margaritas, and they have some of the best margaritas. Just looking at this Mango Margarita makes me happy. Did I  mention I had Queso, y’all I love Queso. I would marry Queso and Pink Cactus has some of the best Queso. Ok I’m gonna stop saying Queso now. This was a joy filled day and when I look back on the pics all the fun memories come flooding back, and there goes the bright side again, I’m smiling writing about it! 

Again, Happy New Year and I wish for you brighter and more joy filled days than you can handle. Until next time, look on the bright side and if you can’t find it, create it! 

XO, -Telisha @thefashionabletraveler

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