If you don’t know by now, Charleston is a major food and beverage city. We love good eats and sipping good, here in the south. The Whim Social app is the perfect way to navigate the foodie scene. 

I recently attended the Firefly Distillery Tasting and I shared it on the app. It was such a fun tasting experience. You can follow me there by downloading the app here’s the link: 

And search “thefashionabletraveler” 

I’m all about new experiences and it doesn’t matter how small. It may be trying a new coffee shop or attending an event. The Whim app is a very cool way, to do just that. One of the things I love the most is, it’s like a one stop directory. 

The app shows you where it is, how far you are from it and what people have been ordering when they visited. So for example I’m out running errands shopping and I think to myself gosh I want something to eat. You pull up the Whim app it shows you the restaurants and businesses around you. It shows you what people have ordered. It also shows what people are eating in real time when they post it. You may have one thing on your mind but realize something yummier is closer. This takes the guessing out of finding the hidden gems. They are right at your finger tips and it’s a fun way to discover new things to do locally. 

I’m using my Whim App this year to #discoverthenew and I hope to see what y'all discover over there too! 

XO, Telisha @thefashionabletraveler #whimpartner

*this is a sponsored post*

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