Recently, I went on an outing with friends and coworkers to Avondale wine and cheese. For quite some time I've been wanting to go and do the whole wine and cheese experience. I love trying new things, I love wine, I love cheese so the idea of both of them together sounds like a match made in heaven. Honestly, the group that I went with was a good group. Some were experienced more than others and some were newcomers like me. This was the first time I drink red wine, usually I only do white. We ordered several bottles and a few trays with a combination of meats, cheese, nuts, fruit and olives. this was such a treat and so yummy it was a great experience for my first time and I would suggest to anyone to  go. I think Avondale was great and can't wait to try a different place and at the end of the night someone asked would you ever do it again? I responded "yes more wine and cheese please"!

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