Only one word describes Callie's Hot Little Biscuits, Delicious! 

At the beginning of the week I attended the Facebook: Boost Your Business Event.
I knew I needed to grab breakfast and coffee. I decided to go to Callie's, especially since I've heard so many great things about it. She did not disappoint. I had three mini biscuits Country Ham, Cheese and Chives and Cinnamon. The Country Ham stole my heart! I enjoyed them all and the French Pressed Coffee was amazing too. Needless to say, Callie's gave me a boost that morning. Callie's is located at 476 King St Charleston, SC 29403

This was an awesome event on so many levels. Facebook managed to touch base on a lot of the core questions about advertising and how its so essential to your business. 

I really liked the message Senator Tim Scott stated about making connections. 
I can say first hand my brand began to grow when I started connecting with people on a more personal level. Networking is just handing out business cards. You need to make an impression, make them remember the person who gave them the business card. 

The panel discussion was very inspiring to me. The women were all local Business Owners. They all had different types of business. However; all could attest to how social media had a major impact in the growth of their buisness.

 In closing I think one of the best aspects of the event was how FaceBook spoke on the importance of all social media platforms, that spoke volumes. I consider myself to have been FaceBook Boosted!

Business: Tip: Educate yourself as much as possible.

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  1. This sounds like such a great event, I hope it comes to Los Angeles! Sounds like you got some great advice for marketing your brand, and had a great breakfast too! ;-)