Happy Valentines Day!

I love clothes, that's how I express myself. - Victoria Beckham

I am obsessed with animal print! I can't help it. There is something about wearing it that makes me feel empowered. Have you ever noticed when you wear a certain color or print it changes your mood? Do you sometimes feel powerful or maybe even, dare I say sexy? When I wear animal print I feel free. Its bold, its fun and why wear boring clothes?

I shopped my closet for this look! The dress is one of my faves I bought early last year. I love the draped neck, the gathers on the sides and the length. This is definitely an untamed fashion life dress.

The pumps and clutch have been my Fall and Winter go to accessories! The bag is velvet, and how dreamy is that!

The shoes are suede. I just love how they elevate this look with the pop of color.

Have fun with fashion! Enjoy what you wear and wear it well. 

Style Tip: when mixxing different textures, go with a matching color to create a cohesive look.


Dress: torrid
Bag: old navy
Shoes: payless
Sunglasses: Versona

My advice: Don't take fashion so seriously that you stress out about it. When you stress out about it, you take the fun out of it. Have fun. ~ Telisha Renee'


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Love! Absolutely in love with your outfit!

  2. Such a great outfit! Come through, Torrid! I love the clutch you paired it with!