If you're anything like me you have long days and a hectic schedule. With that being said, going to a spa or taking an immediate day off is not an option. Sometimes you have to create your own oasis, you have to treat yourself at home and that's okay.

Motherland Essentials has some amazing products that will give you what you need to have a relaxing day at home. I just love  the soap bars. They are not just gorgeous they smell amazing too. I have to admit the Rurple Reign is my favorite. Lavender always has a calming effect and puts you at ease, and that's exactly what I need after a long day.

After using Motherland products my body feels moisturized and refreshed and smells ahhhhmazzzing I might add. All their soaps are handmade and contain glycerin which is better for your skin. You have to try them out and experience them for yourself. They have Whipped Hair & Body Butter, Jasmine + Lavender Bath Salt, Face +Body Scrub, they have what you need for a self care/self love day.

Check them out at: www.motherlandessentials.com

This post is sponsored by Motherland Essentials. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh wow, that looks like a really nice gift for my best friend's baby shower.