Have you ever had a love hate relationship with your clothes? I recently accepted the fashionable 1s Summer thrift  challenge.  The challenge is all about showing your followers that you can look fashionable for the low. Money has nothing to do with style. The 1st dress was this white dress with navy blue stripes across the chest and lower hip area. White is a must for the season so I had to have it.

Initially, I was really concerned about the challenge and being able to find a good selection of clothes that fit me because I am plus size.  I lucked up one day when I was in thrifting on last week. I came across a brand called J.Jill. There was a set of dresses by this brand and they all were linen.  Linen is something that I never buy. I usually wear more form fitting clothes and Linen  does not have stretch to accommodate my shape. This navy blue dress was all that I expected and its one of my favorite colors and I simply adore gold accents against navy blue. It gives off a Nautical vibe.

 I really like this brand and the cut of these dresses. I instantly knew that these would be perfect for work during the summer on these crazy hot days.   Linen is very lightweight and it breathes well. I also feel like it’s very versatile that you can dress it up or keep it super casual. The only thing that gets me worked up about it is how easily it wrinkles. However if you can mentally get over that hump and appreciate it for what it is  it’s definitely the way to go during the hot summer months. Now isn't this just petal perfect? I just love the color palette here its to Summer time and vibrant. I got so many compliments on this dress. 

 I think I made out great on the challenge. I was able to walk away with three looks for less than $25. Especially since they are so versatile it was a win win for me.  Until next time don’t be afraid to check out your local stores. You never know what great finds you’ll come across. -Telisha

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