Hey Y'all. I hope everyone is enjoying Summer. I m not sure if you noticed, I've feel in love with these Henri Bendel bags. This brand has been around for a very long time. My love affair began when I saw one of my favorite blogger boos carrying this bag. I asked some questions and she stated time and time again that the bags are quality and I wold love them. She was absolutely correct! This metallic bucket bag is my night out bag. I'm a big fan of metallics. I've been rocking them since Spring and still going hard this summer.  This bag was perfect along with these accessories for my fashion night look.

Now these striped canvas bags are my go to from day to day. The mini back pack is so easy to grab and go. It's great when I am out and about with my youngest, it allows me to be hands free. I packed it for my weekend trip, because its so functional. I just love the different compartments. The tote below was meant for beach trips and days at the park. However; it turned out to be great for my weekend getaway.  I was determined to carry nothing that would not fit in that bag. You may not be able to tell but this tote bag is huge! This was a great buy. 

I was surprised I was able to pack light for this last trip. I am usually the worst. I tend to over pack. I would carry  a bunch of unnecessary items. The difference this time was I stuck to my original plan of what I was going to wear. So, lol no matter what went down I didn't have options. I had to wear what I packed and lets just say it all worked out. I think I pulled it off. Please tell me some of your packing tricks in the comments. Thanks for reading! 
Have a Fashionable Day! -Telisha

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  1. Great post!! I use to buy bags galore these days not so much but your post has definitely lite my fire!! Bags here I come and let's talk about that purple dress!! Loveee