If you are local this question is for you. Have you ever been to a Cocktail Bandit event before? If not what are you waiting for? If you’re local you must give one a try. If not, keep an eye out they maybe coming to a city near you very soon. I ve been to several and they are all so different. I think that’s what I love the most you about the events, you never know what to expect.  One thing I know for sure is great conversation and cocktails is always on the menu!  If you rather entertain at home, they have you covered. You can grab their new book, Holy Spirits. You will be able to find these recipes and much more click over to www.cocktailbandits.com and order the book.

The Cocktail Make & Shake event at West Elm was moonshine themed. You read that right, moonshine. I had mixed feelings about it but by the end of the night I was all in. I’m use to moonshine being very overpowering and in a mason jar. I remember my uncle making it in all kinds of flavors and it tasted horrible, lol. I remember him laughing and chuckling saying....now that will put some hair on your chest! 

However; this wasn’t my uncle’s moonshine. This was smooth and bold. The “Cold Brew Coffee” flavor took me by surprise, it taste just like coffee with a kick of course. When the Cocktail Bandits put their cocktail spin on it, It tasted like a jacked up cherry coke y’all. I love Cherry Coke. So, I was super excited and didn't waste anytime gulping this down. I could see me sipping on “ Black Magic “ all the time. 

Next up was the “Smooth Talker” Cocktail. This  featured Honey Habanero Moonshine. Let’s just say this one got everyone talking. I have to admit it was my favorite of the night. I love when a drink is sweet, spicy and has a kick back. This one was definitely memorable. I had to go home and tell my momma about it, lol. 

So with that being said, grab your girls, go out and enjoy one of these cocktail events we sure did! Until, next time experience something new. Life is all about experiences.  
❌⭕️❌⭕️ - Telisha 

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