The older I get the easier it is for anxieties to creep in. I remember being able to easily deal with situations that arose. I was actually known for that. I worked well under pressure. I was able to keep a level head.  At this time I still feel as if I do, however; emotionally taking blows back to back definitely weakens me. Recently, having to cope with the passing of a blogger had me on a emotional Ferris wheel, I say Ferris wheel because to me they are slow. The feeling of saddens stuck. I’m not surprised, it’s amazing the connections you build within online communities. I’ve been following her for years and her amazing style and grace continued even when she became sick. How blessed are we to be in the presence of such strong people despite their circumstances. Who in turn encourage and inspire us to be strong and great. We are very blessed. 

Currently in my city we are facing a hurricane. It’s kind of the norm, unfortunately. My birthday is during hurricane season so I always seem to remember them vividly when they roll into town. One of my earliest and youngest memories was of Hurricane Hugo at age 9. I remember being out of school for weeks. I remember being out of power also for the longest. I remember drinking can water. As a kid it doesn’t seem like a big deal, no school, played with my cousins all day and no worries. As an adult the what if’s are limitless. I pray for everyones safety and that the storm takes it easy on the city I love.

So let’s talk about my look. I feel my best when I wear what I love. This off the shoulder crop top from Jessamine and James clothing co you will see on repeat. I apologize it’s just a versatile top that I will be rocking as much as possible.  I love everything off the shoulder no matter the weather it’s one of my go to looks and pairing it with denim makes my heart happy. These are from Fashion to Figure and they are a fave I’m sure you can tell why by just looking at them. 

 I pulled out my pink and black Michael  Khors that I haven’t carried in awhile. I’m falling back in love with her. Then again I love animal print everything. Chat it up with you later, until next time wear what you love not what you think others will love. XOXO 💋 - Telisha


TOP: (new)
jeggings: (old) Fashion to Figure
bag: (old) Michael Kors
shoes: (new) Target

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